Exhibition | 21.11.2019 - 05.01.2020

Christmas and Cribs


The traditional exhibition of nativity scenes at the National Museum Zurich has been part of the Advent season for many years. Now it’s being presented with a whole new look. Nestled in a fairy-tale winter forest, nativity scenes from Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia are on display. A particular focus has been placed on the materials. Depending on the region, the tableaux are made from clay, paper, wood or plant fibres. Photographs from the past 100 years also provide an insight into Christmas traditions around the world.

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Andrej Abplanalp

28. November 2019

Festival of symbols and customs

Over the years, Christmas has increasingly become a secular family celebration. These days, symbols and customs are combined. But that hasn’t always been the case.


Andrej Abplanalp

12. December 2018

Wooden nativity scenes from the Bernese Oberland

Nativity scenes from Brienz have a long tradition in Switzerland. The original design was created by Hans Huggler-Wyss in 1915.

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Alexander Rechsteiner

24. December 2018

The story of a Christmas carol

200 years ago, ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ was performed for the first time. Thanks to its moving message and captivating melody, it is one of the world’s most popular Christmas carols.

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