Exhibition | 10. - 11.06.2023

1898 – 2023 – 2148


For 125 years, the National Museum Zurich has preserved and studied objects from Swiss history and presented them to the public. The anniversary inspires the museum to look back on its eventful history and, at the same time, cast a glance into the future. What objects might the museum showcase in 125 years in order to illustrate the events of the present day? What should future generations be taught about our time?

Four school classes from Switzerland’s four language regions engaged with this question, collecting objects from their everyday lives that, 125 years from now, might tell stories about our time and illustrate society, culture, and life in Switzerland for the people alive in the year 2148.

The assembled objects depict the issues preoccupying young people as well as what they do in their free time, what they reflect about, and what they find inspiring – or stressful. Some of the items are personal memorabilia or articles of daily use, while others have symbolic value. The selection of objects provides an informative picture of identity and diversity in Switzerland.

Object selection of the school classes

A view of the exhibition


Impressions of the exhibition set-up with the students and the exhibition on the anniversary weekend June 10-11, 2023.

Exhibition imprint

  • Project direction Lisa Engi
  • Project team Tanja Bitonti, Gerda Bissig, Vera Humbel, Jörg Ramel, Heidi Amrein
  • Project coordination Sandra von Euw
  • Scenography Team Cultural Services and Museum Education with the support of Alex Harb and the participating school classes
  • Object photography Jörg Brandt
  • Photography of the exhibition and anniversary weekend Felix Jungo, Danilo Rüttimann
  • IT / Web Danilo Rüttimann, Lisa Engi
  • Media stations Ueli Heiniger, Alex Baur, Thomas Bucher, Lisa Engi
  • Graphic Lisa Engi
  • Conservation and montage of objects Nikkibarla Calonder, Tino Zagermann
  • Logistics of objects David Blazquez
  • Marketing and Communication Andrej Abplanalp, Alexander Rechsteiner
  • Participation school classes
    • Klasse G2F, 2022/23, Neue Kantonsschule Aarau, Lehrerin: Laura Fasol
    • Classe 1M05, 2022/23, Gymnase d'Yverdon,  Lehrerin: Prisca Lehmann
    • Classas 5G2 e 5F, 2022/23, Academia Engiadina Samedan, Lehrerin: Annalea Stuppan
    • Classe 3G, 2022/23, Liceo di Lugano 2, Lehrer: Andrea Martignoni

We thank all the students for their precious participation.