Key visual of the exhibition "Anne Frank and Switzerland

Exhibition | 09.06. - 06.11.2022

Anne Frank and Switzerland


The diary of Anne Frank is world famous. It’s less well known that the journey to global publication began in Switzerland. While Anne, her sister and her mother were killed in the concentration camp, Anne’s father was the only family member to survive the Holocaust. Otto Frank moved to live with his sister in Basel in the 1950s. From there, he made it his task to share his daughter’s diary with the world whilst preserving her message on humanity and tolerance for the coming generations.

In collaboration with Anne Frank Fonds, Basel, and Familie Frank Zentrum im Jüdischen Museum Frankfurt

Guided tours

Key visual of the exhibition "Anne Frank and Switzerland

Anne Frank and Switzerland

Guided tour for private groups

Guided tour of the exhibition "Anne Frank and Switzerland".

Tour: 1 hour

Guided tours can be arranged outside opening hours: Mon between 9.30 am and 6 pm, Tue to Fri between 9.30 am and 7.45 pm. Sat and Sun between 10 am and 5 pm


 2 weeks in advance



60 minutes; special packages can be offered on request

Group size:


max. 25 participants per tour



English, German, Italian, French. Other offers upon request.




CHF 180 for the guided tour + CHF 8 admission per person

Children up to 16 years free.

For groups of people with permit N, S, B, F (refugee) or F (foreigner), the guided tour and admission are free of charge.

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Key visual of the exhibition "Anne Frank and Switzerland

Anne Frank and Switzerland – Introductory tour

Secondary levels I and II

Guided tour of the exhibition «Anne Frank and Switzerland».

1 hour
Guided tours are free of charge for school classes from Switzerland.

Guided tours in English can be arranged, even outside opening hours. Guided tours are free of charge for school classes from Switzerland.


at least 2 weeks in advance



1 hour guided tours, other services by prior arrangement

Group size:


max. 25 people



Guided tours for school classes from Switzerland are free of charge.

Reservations desk

+41 44 218 66 00

Blog articles

Schang Hutter’s sculpture outside the National Museum in Zurich.

Fabienne Meyer

21. July 2022

A memorial’s long journey

Schang Hutter, who died in 2021, created a memorial to the Holocaust in 1996. Two years later, his sculpture Shoah stopped many people in their tracks on its journey around Switzerland, but the piece also came in for harsh criticism.


Erika Hebeisen

22. November 2021

Voices of Holocaust survivors in Switzerland

Fishel Rabinowicz (*1924) is one of the last living eye-witnesses of the Holocaust. Switzerland’s acceptance and assimilation of him and other Holocaust survivors was by no means a certainty.


Dominik Landwehr

6. May 2020

A song goes round the world

His voice touched millions. Tenor Joseph Schmidt died in 1942 in the Zürcher Oberland, on the final leg of his escape from the Nazi regime. Even today, the Jewish singer’s story is a moving one.

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The media conference on the exhibition is taking place on 12/15/2022 at 10:00 at the National Museum Zurich.

The media folder and materials are available for download from this date.

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Exhibition imprint

  • Overall management Denise Tonella
  • Curators Rebecca Sanders, Erika Hebeisen
  • Project direction Rebecca Sanders
  • Scientific researchers Marina Amstad, Manda Beck, Thomas Bochet, Noëmi Crain Merz, Aaron Estermann, Selina Stuber, Andreas Zangger
  • Scenography Ralph Nicotera, Zürich
  • Graphics Thomas Lehmann, LDSGN Zürich
  • Film The Rise of National Socialism Gabriel Heim, Basel
  • Animation and illustration Nino Christen, Maj Dörig, Zürich
  • Advisory committee Heidi Amrein, Beat Högger, Markus Leuthard, Sabrina Médioni, Denise Tonella
  • Controlling of project Sabrina Médioni
  • Cultural Services and Museum Education Gerda Bissig, Tanja Bitonti, Stefanie Bittmann-Brunschwiler, Sabina Brändli PH Zürich, Lisa Engi, Vera Humbel
  • Advertising graphic Resort GmbH für Visuelle Kommunikation, Zürich
  • Technical management Ladina Fait
  • Exhibition construction Bachir Ezzerari, Janine auf der Maur, Ladina Fait, Marc Hägeli, Mike Roder, David Schwitter
  • Conservation management Elke Mürau
  • Conservation and montage of objects Anna Jurt, Sarah Longrée, Jürg Mathys, Elke Mürau, Tino Zagermann
  • Lending and logistics of objects Christian Affentranger, David Blazquez, Simon D’Hollosy, Reto Hegetschweiler, Maya Jucker, Markus Scherer, Samira Tanner, David von Arx, Angela Zeier
  • Photography Jörg Brandt
  • Picture library Andrea Kunz, Fabian Müller
  • IT | Web René Vogel, Danilo Rüttimann
  • Media stations Thomas Bucher, Ulrich Heiniger, Pasquale Pollastro, Danilo Rüttimann, René Vogel
  • Marketing and Communication Andrej Abplanalp, Alexander Rechsteiner, Carole Neuenschwander, Sebastiano Mereu, Anna-Britta Maag
  • Translations Marie-Claude Buch-Chalayer, Bill Gilonis, Marco Marcacci, Laurence Neuffer

Items generously loaned by

  • Alice und Louis Koch-Stiftung, Basel
  • Anne Frank Fonds, Basel
  • Appenzeller Brauchtumsmuseum, Urnäsch
  • Archiv für Zeitgeschichte ETH Zürich
  • Familie Frank Zentrum im Jüdischen Museum Frankfurt, Dauerleihgabe des Anne Frank Fonds, Basel, und der Familie Elias-Frank
  • Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen, Lohheide
  • Historisches Museum Basel
  • Joods Museum, Amsterdam
  • Jüdisches Museum der Schweiz, Basel
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  • Museum Altes Zeughaus, Solothurn
  • Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
  • Plakatsammlung, Schule für Gestaltung Basel
  • Fishel Rabinowicz, Locarno
  • Urs Rudolf, Solothurn
  • Bernard Schüle, Affoltern a. Albis
  • Stichting tot Behoud van Historische Philips Produkten (SBHP), Eindhoven
  • Stiftung Museum im Zeughaus, Schaffhausen