Key visual from the Swiss Press Photo 23 exhibition, Photo: Laurent Gilleron

Swiss Press Photo 23

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Swiss Press Photo 23 showcases the best Swiss photo journalism from the last year. The photos give us a glimpse behind the headlines and provide a snapshot of 2022. The exhibition comprises some 130 photos of current events, such as the war in Ukraine and climate protests, everyday scenes from the hot summer of 2022, mesmerising portraits and gripping moments from the sporting year. Photography has a long tradition at the National Museum and proves time and again that despite the flood of digital images, photographs have lost none of their power. 

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The Swiss Press Yearbook 23 presents the most exceptional Swiss journalism from 2022. The first part of the book “Swiss Press Award 23” showcases this year’s winners of Switzerland’s national media award, which honors outstanding journalism across all media and is presented annually by the independent and non-profit Reinhardt von Graffenried Foundation, dedicated to the promotion of local, national and international reporting since its foundation in 2009. All award-winning contributions in the categories of Swiss Press Text, Swiss Press Online, Swiss Press Audio, Swiss Press Video and Swiss Press Local are here to discover in English, German, French and Italian.

The second and larger section “Swiss Press Photo 23” brings together the best Swiss photography of 2022, capturing the year’s formative events in complex and individualistic works selected by the international Swiss Press Photo jury in the categories of News, Daily Life, Swiss Stories, People, Sports and World.

Edited by Michael von Graffenried and Fondation Reinhardt von Graffenried
256 pages, 249 images
21.5 x 28 cm English / German / French / Italian
ISBN 978-3-96999-217-3


Swiss Press Photo 23

National Museum Zurich | 5.5.2023 - 25.6.2023
published on 3.5.2023

Swiss Press Photo 23 | 5.5.2023 - 25.6.2023
World Press Photo 2023 | 5.5.2023 - 4.6.2023

In the exhibitions 'World Press Photo 2023' and 'Swiss Press Photo 23', the National Museum Zurich is showcasing some of the world's and Switzerland's best photo journalism and allowing visitors to step back from and reflect on the headlines of a turbulent 2022.  

Photo journalism is an essential part of daily news coverage. The two exhibitions 'World Press Photo 2023' and 'Swiss Press Photo 23' feature some of the best press photos of the last year from all over the world and from Switzerland. They allow visitors to take a rare step back from the fast-moving news cycle, think about it from a fresh perspective, and critically reflect on it. The photographs span the full spectrum of world events, from dominant stories such as the war in Ukraine and the women's protests in Iran, to global topics such as the impact of climate change in Morocco and the melting of the glaciers in the Alps, to national and local events, such as the Federal Council elections and the national scout camp in Goms.

The 'Swiss Press Photo' exhibition, which focuses on photo journalism from Switzerland, presents some 130 pictures in the categories news, daily life, Swiss stories, people, sports and world. Meanwhile, the 'World Press Photo' exhibition features the work of photographers from every continent. To avoid an overly Western perspective, the competition is broken down into six regional categories, each with its own jury. This pre-selection is subsequently assessed by a global panel in order to pick 24 regional winners and four overall winners. The exhibition includes some 120 photographs from the winning projects.


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