Exhibition | 06.05. - 26.06.2022

Swiss Press Photo 22


Swiss Press Photo 22 presents the best Swiss Press images from the past year. The photographs glance back over the headlines and provide a summary of 2021. The exhibition shows around 90 images, split across six categories: The present, everyday life, Swiss stories, portraits, sport and overseas. The view through the lens has a tradition with the National Museum and continues to prove that photographs have not lost their powerful impact, despite the flood of digital images.

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Thomas Bochet

7. June 2018

A platform above the storm

World Press Photo has rewarded the world’s best press photos since 1955. It all started with an association of Dutch photo journalists.

© (c) Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum / ASL

Aaron Estermann

20. November 2019

Federal Councillor’s public appearance

There was a time before mobile phones, a time when press photographers were the eyes of an entire nation. Many of the images they captured are now forgotten. For example, Federal Councillor Rudolf Minger’s appearance at Bern’s Reithalle riding arena in November 1940.


Aaron Estermann

18. February 2021

Intimacy of terror

In February 1969, an attacker was shot dead at Kloten Airport. In the thick of the action were the press photographers, who documented the event up close and in vivid detail.

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Spotlight on world affairs

published on 4.5.2022

Swiss Press Photo 2022 | 6.5.2022 - 26.6.2022
World Press Photo 22 | 6.5.2022 - 6.6.2022

The National Museum is showing the best press photographs from Switzerland and around the world, allowing visitors a contemplative glimpse behind the headlines.

Press photographers are the eyes of the global public. In the two exhibitions “World Press Photo 2022” and “Swiss Press Photo 22”, the best global and national press images of the past year are on display. The exhibitions allow visitors to step outside the usually frenetic pace of world events and take a moment to quietly contemplate them, to observe and reflect on these events from new and unfamiliar perspectives.

While “Swiss Press Photo” presents around 90 pictures in the existing categories of News, Daily Life, Swiss Stories, People, Sports and World, the format of “World Press Photo” has changed this year. To avoid too much emphasis on Western perspectives, the competition has been reorganised into six regional qualifying rounds. These regions – Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Central America, South America and Southeast Asia / Oceania – now have their own jury, which selects the winners for each region. The winners are then judged by a global panel, to select the four overall winners.

There has also been a change to the categories in the “World Press Photo” exhibition. There are now only four categories, but they are thematically open: single-exposure photographs (Singles), stories made up of 3-10 single-exposure photographs (Stories), projects on a single theme containing between 24 and 30 single-exposure photographs (Long-Term Projects), and the new category Open Format, which allows a mixture of photographs with various media such as illustrations, videos, animations or music. The exhibition presents around 120 photographs from the winning projects.


Photos and further press material on Swiss Press Photo are available at swisspressaward.ch.

Photos and further press material on Words Press Photo are available at worldpressphoto.org.

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“Swiss Press Photo22” is an exhibition of the Fondation Reinhardt von Graffenried: www.swisspressaward.ch/en/section/swiss-press-photo