What binds a community together? Initially one might assume it is to do with having the same language, external enemies or economic interests. However, something generally precedes all that: common ideas that are passed down from generation to generation and that shape the development of the community. These ideas lend a distinctiveness to the collective and eventually form the foundation of a national identity. 

For the exhibition, we have selected works by four authors whose ideas contributed to creating the image of contemporary Switzerland: Henri Dunant, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Jean Calvin and Petermann Etterlin.

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  • Overall management Andreas Spillmann
  • Project management Michael Kempf
  • Scientific collaboration Marina Amstad, Katharina Hermann
  • Exhibition design Alex Harb
  • Interactive books iart AG, Basel
  • Interactive binoculars Tweaklab AG, Basel; Forschungsstelle Sotomo, Zürich
  • Figurine Twilight Creations, Berlin; Claudia Bertini, Zürich
  • Project controlling Ellen Bryner
  • Head of legal affairs and Contracts Beat Högger, Luigi Razzano
  • Marketing and advertising Peter Krebs, Carole Neuenschwander
  • Public relations Andrej Abplanalp, Alexander Rechsteiner
  • Technical management Mike Zaugg
  • Exhibition installation Ira Allemann, Bachir Ezzerari, Marc Hägeli, Mike Roder, David Schwitter
  • Conservation management Markus Leuthard
  • Preparation and mounting of exhibits Véronique Mathieu, Ongaro & Co SA, Cresciano TI, Marian Schüch
  • Loans Maya Jucker, Franziska Pfenninger, Bernard Schuele, Angela Zeier
  • Logistics of objects Bernhard Meier
  • Picture library Andrea Kunz, Fabian Müller
  • IT | Web Thomas Bucher, Daniel Niedermann, Pasquale Pollastro, Danilo Rüttimann, René Vogel
  • Translations Marie-Claude Buch-Chalayer, Bill Gilonis, Marco Marcacci, Tradukas GbR
  • Editing Felix Graf, Erika Hebeisen
  • Editing and proofreading Laurence Neuffer

Model of the Saint-Gotthard massif

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  • Author Netwerch AG, Brugg AG
  • Producer Ongaro & Co SA, Cresciano TI

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  • Bibliothèque de Genève
  • Bundesamt für Landestopografie swisstopo | Office fédéral de topographie swisstopo | Ufficio federale di topografia
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