A magic carpet ride through history


Many children dream of travelling back in time. In the new family exhibition ‘A Magic Carpet ride through history’ at the National Museum Zurich, we make this dream come true! Spread over three separate spaces, visitors can explore the topics ‘Orient’, ‘Seafaring’ and ‘Railways’, with plenty of hands-on fun. In an Arabian palace, on the deck of a large sailing ship and in a vintage railway carriage, young Museum visitors can really get a feel for these momentous eras in global history.

The exhibition combines learning with activities designed specially for children. The exquisitely designed backdrop provides space for imaginations to run free at the Museum, and the beautiful original objects are important witnesses to these epochs in the cultural history of our world.

For families with children aged 5 and over.

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Anna Wälli

11. July 2018

The Globi Club

Globi starts out as an advertising character. In the midst of the economic crisis of the 1930s, he’s intended to boost morale. Children quickly take the jaunty bird into their hearts and set up their own Globi clubs.

stunt scooter | © usage worldwide Model released.

Laetitia Burkhard

9. April 2018

From the draisine to the mini-scooter

The modern mini-scooter can be seen everywhere on urban streets. But how did it come to be in its present form? Milestones in the history of transport on wheels in the collection belonging to the Swiss National Museum provide an insight.


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27. February 2019

The many lives of Robinson Crusoe

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The media conference on the exhibition is taking place on 18.3.2020 at 10.00 at the National Museum Zurich.

The media folder and materials are available for download from this date.


The Swiss National Museum would like to thank the Foundation Willy G. S. Hirzel for the generous support.

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